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We have invested in Mirrativ, Inc. , a developer and operator of a live stream platform for smartphones!
Through this investment, the company aims to create an economic sphere where individuals can freely create and trade with each other in a safe and secure environment, in order to create new fan experiences, including the "IP Metaverse" and game businesses.
News 2022.11.16
A new start-up investment fund aimed at building an "IP metaverse" and creating new forms of entertainment !
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. aims to create a "IP (intellectual property) meta-verse" and create new entertainment, and to accelerate the speed of decision-making in order to realize these goals, the start-up investment fund Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund.
News 2022.04.12
Website OPEN!
The website is now open.
News 2022.04.12