Connect with Fans

Our team envisions a future where the digital economy has expanded, and fans move between the physical and digital worlds with entertainment connected ever closer to their normal daily lives.

Connect with Fans

Investment Strategy
and Area of Investments

Our team seeks to strengthen existing entertainment businesses and to create next-generation entertainment businesses by combining the ideas and technologies of venture companies with our expertise in creating IPs and entertainment, while maximizing IP values. We will realize these goals by focusing investments in areas of progress associated to keywords such as “metaverse,” “blockchain,” “VR/AR,” “creator economy,” “immersive technology,” “AI,” and more.


Creating Entertainment

New times bring new forms of entertainment, and in turn, people seek these new forms of entertainment. Our team will be investing to accelerate introduction of new technologies to strengthen and expand current forms of entertainment, and to create new forms of entertainment.

Investment area samples: Online game engine technologies, AR/VR/xR technologies, blockchain technologies etc.


Delivering Entertainment and Connecting with Fans

Simply creating new forms of entertainment will not suffice in connecting people with entertainment without facilitating proper forms of delivery. Our team will be investing in technologies and activities that will enable delivery of entertainment between creators and customers.

Investment area samples: Online live streaming services, D2C services, live streaming and studio technologies etc.


Connecting Stronger and With Excitement to Entertainment

Our team believes that, in the near future, people will frequent virtual worlds with the spread of virtual spaces such as the metaverse. We will be investing in activities that will connect people stronger and with excitement to entertainment.

Investment area samples: Blockchain games, metaverse technologies and services, UGC technologies and services etc.